Jennifer A Volin, CRX, CDP, LEED Green Associate, is a senior level professional in the shopping center industry, managing Tenant Coordination, CAD Services and Project Management Services for Rothschild Downes for the past ten years. As Chief Operations Officer, her attention to detail and success at the art of Tenant Coordination has helped define and reinforce Rothschild Downes’ Tenant Coordination guiding principles and practices. Jennifer is the co-inventor of TCTrac®, a real-time mobile information tracking and reporting software system for the shopping center industry. Prior to being affiliated with Rothschild Downes, Jennifer served as a Tenant Coordinator at TrizecHahn (formerly The Hahn Company), overseeing and supervising tenants during the design and construction of retail spaces for 52 shopping centers in 17 states, as well as negotiating Lease Agreements, Exhibits and related documents as a Leasing Documentation Manager for The Hahn Company.